I recently got my eyebrows microbladed by Kimberley, after years of taking more than 15 minutes to draw them on every day. Now I wake up with full and defined, natural looking eyebrows. Kim did a great job. She is willing to discuss with me my brow goals, which color matches my skin tone and my hair, and my ideal shape (as I have a round face). Then she designed my brows based on what I requested and what she thought would be the best for my face. At first, I was little bit nervous and scared of the pain. However, Kim is a master of microblading. I felt almost zero pain during the procedure. Actually, I fell asleep while she bladed my brows. After finishing, she gave me some tips on aftercare and how to protect my brows from infection. She is a caring microblader and she sends me messages post procedure to ensure that my brows are healing properly. I highly recommend that you have your eyebrows microbladed by Kimberley. No regret to make this decision. Thank you so much, Kim <3 <3

—  An